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An excellent way to deal with most hair removal, the easiest and most convenient

way to go about removing hair from large areas, lasts between 4/5 weeks depending

on hair growth cycle. Leaves the skin smooth and silky.




This state of the art light treatment will banish hair totally and growth is slower and thinner with each treatment until its gone for good. Due to the intensity of the light used, the therapist and client will wear goggles to protect the eyes. Can be used on all face and body areas excluding eyebrows, and for men, back and chest.




This is the oldest and most popular form of permanent hair reduction which involves a tiny electrified needle the width of a hair into individual hair roots to destroy growth cells. Over a series of sessions, depending on the area to be treated, electrolysis is successful in reducing permanent hair growth. Consultation prior to treatment.


Other problems electrolysis can treat.....


Thread Veins - Enlarged capillaries.  

The blood supply to the vein is cauterised so the blood in the vein dries up and the redness disappears.



Little white lumps often found on cheeks, side of nose and around the eyes. These are plugs of sebum and dead skin cells which block pores. Sterile sharp needle is used to remove them.


Skin Tags

Flesh coloured loose lumps of skin commonly found where friction takes place. The blood supply is cauterised and the skin tag falls off.


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